Saturday, October 23, 2010

Number one TV manufacturer TCL profit fell 51 percent

The world's largest TV maker TCL Multimedia (TCL Multimedia) yesterday announced that net profit fell 51% last year. Companies are struggling to make overseas acquisitions revival.

As the first large-scale overseas expansion of Chinese companies, TCL, and computer maker Lenovo (Lenovo) as is being closely watched. In the IBM announced disappointing results, the Lenovo shares listed in Hong Kong yesterday, tumbling down 6.9%, to 2.35 Hong Kong dollars. Lenovo has agreed to buy IBM's personal computer business. As at 31 December in the year, TCL's can be allocated 642 million net profit from Hong Kong dollars (82 million U.S. dollars) fell to 317 million Hong Kong dollars (40 million U.S. dollars) on sales up 69% to 256 billion. Operating profit fell from 507 million to 497 million HK dollar.

TCL chairman Li Dongsheng warned that this is unlikely to ease. "Global TV market will more than intensifying, which in North America and Europe will be the most difficult operating environment," he said, "The Group will adopt effective measures to realize synergies and to reduce the loss of these two profit centers."

TCL acquired Thomson Corporation (Thomson) loss of the TV and DVD player business, so that the outside world, but profit was not a rich ambitious Chinese manufacturers more worried about the rise. In 2002, TCL agreed to acquire insolvent German manufacturer Schneider Electric (Schneider Electronics).

The Chinese group said yesterday, before Thomson's business last year produced 1.16 billion operating loss. Schneider losses were 1.3 billion.

As a result, operating margin of overseas television business into a loss. KGI Securities (KGI Asia) Cliff 鈥?Fan (Cliff Fan) said: "The company underestimated the reverse operations in North America and Europe more difficult."

Analysts are concerned, TCL's ability to manage their Thomson purchased from a loss department.


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Friday, October 15, 2010

Wi-Fi access points at most per capita the United Kingdom Ireland

Wi-Fi access points on the total, the United States is a worthy king, but in per capita terms, then, the United Kingdom and Ireland are the highest. British telecommunications sector (Ofcom) A recent report shows global telecommunications technology statistics, data from the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, China and Japan, in addition to the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Sweden and Spain.

The report shows that approximately 25% of the world, the access points are in the United States, a total of about 26,000 is the total number of first world countries, while the average, the United Kingdom and Ireland every person who holds 18 per access point, the United States 100 people is only 8.8. Those surveyed countries, China and Italy 100 Wi-Fi access points per capita is the lowest, were 0.2 and 3.

Japan is considered a technology developed country, but its 100 Wi-Fi access points per capita is only 5.3, the statistics of the countries ranked third from the bottom. However, Ofcom believes that this is because the Japanese high-speed 3G network is relatively developed, there were 30 million 3G connections, Italy has done in this area better, as 10.8 million, only 2.7 million U.S..

The survey also examined a variety of network users, sub-music videos, TV drama, news, file sharing, contacts, web conferencing and so on, as expected, China's average age most people in the world. In fact, China's telecommunications revenue is almost the highest in the world, accounting for 4.3% of GDP, followed by Britain, to 4.1%.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Distribution of 6.0 billion Taiwan Clevo OEM Buynow out difficulties

How in the IT industry value chain is no longer in the bottom curve, the problems of the second-tier Taiwanese notebook PC OEM maker Clevo President Cai Mingxian years.

July 22, by Blue Sky Computer's top business Buynow headquarters building and settled in Shanghai, Guangzhou shop opened Buynow occasion, Cai Mingxian gives the answer to this problem, announced in the next five years Clevo bainaohui of investment will be more than 6 billion yuan. Cai Mingxian said, IT manufacturing and service computer interaction will be the blue sky the main direction of future restructuring.

It is understood that bainaohui Guangzhou store opening, bainaohui stores in mainland China has reached 10 IT, located in Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing and other cities in the 10 line. Currently in Beijing, Qingdao, Changchun, Xiamen, prime central city land for the project has been finalized, Xi'an, Wuhan, Harbin and other cities layout is within reach.

Cai Mingxian also disclosed that the 35 Session of the distribution chain is completed, will form by the rapid expansion of 1 + N, that is, a local shop in the form of additional N-stores, so that the stores all over the continent Buynow one, two, three markets.

It is reported that Clevo 2005 revenues of 10.0 billion Taiwan dollars (about 2.5 billion yuan), bainaohui income only 10% of them.

"Flextronics and Asustek Computer, select the brand OEM business the way that we do is channel brand." Cai Mingxian said.

According to sources from the industry, the first half of this year, Taiwan's major notebook computer makers in the real output in general lower than the expected value of the beginning of 5% to 10%. The message from the Taiwan stock market, second-tier notebook OEM manufacturers Arima, Uniwill, Twinhead, blue sky in the first half of this year's income has decreased significantly.

Cai Mingxian said the value of curve at the top end of intellectual property and channel, blue channel as the way out the option of a terminal. But this does not mean the blue sky to give OEM's main industry, but to OEM channels of positive interaction with the terminal.

Cai Mingxian wishful thinking: the control terminal channels, you can have a choice with their OEM customers, use the power of the terminal channels, improve customer sales and direct customer sales increase brought the blue sky to enhance production capacity.

Insiders pointed out that the current mainland and in Taiwan 10 years ago, as has become the world's manufacturing center, the blue sky the way the computer can be the transformation of the manufacturing sector as a reference for the mainland.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ballmer: ten years of full digitization of traditional media

Beijing on June 25 morning news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) Wednesday said the global advertising industry and has been integrated into a low, media companies should not expect sales to resume to pre-crisis level. He also is expected within ten years the traditional media will be fully digital.

Ballmer Wednesday in the French "Cannes International Advertising Festival" (Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival) on the statement pointed out that with continued inflow of digital media advertising, traditional radio, television and print media business models must change to meet the advertising share of the shrinking situation. Ballmer said: "I think this is not a crisis, but a re-integration of the industry. Because of the crisis mean recovery (to pre-crisis level) of the possible departure from the vision, I think the recovery has not. Industry has re- integration, will not rebound and will not re-growth. "

In the current advertising festival was named "annual media personalities" in the traditional media, Ballmer also expressed pessimistic about the future, he said, not from the newspaper publishers to create digital opportunities in new revenue sources. He said that within 10 years all the traditional media will be fully digitized, and the current addition to Google, the publishers have not yet from the digital content in the profits, "the future everything will be digital, this is only a matter of time, 1 year, 2 years 5 years or 10 years. the future will not only traditional newspapers, magazines and television. In ten years, everything will be online, static content will not be able to meet future needs. Some people say that advertising can not bring profit, Google search can earnings, but Google, the publishers have no advertising or by charging businesses a lot of money? The answer is no. "

Ballmer said that the media want success, you must adjust the content to meet the needs of advertisers, the network simply copy the print newspaper's practice is a dead end.

Q & A session after the speech, when asked whether Microsoft intends to buy Yahoo, Ballmer replied: "We have no intention to buy Yahoo, our previous argument is to continue cooperation with Yahoo open."

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Production of glass filter with Layer Style button (1)

This is the most remarkable one Photoshop6.0 enhancement, at least I think so. Layer Style, that control the composition of the 10 independent control interface includes almost flat during the three-dimensional graphics often involved in various aspects, such as: three-dimensional shadow, outer glow, inner side of light, texture mixing, texture edge , the transition color mixing and light texture. Therefore, it is you have to make efforts to study the power of a group set.

Layer Style control interface can click on Layer> Layer Style> Blending Options of the method are. However, a simpler approach is to control the version in the Layers to be processed directly double-click the layer name.
In the open interface, 10 control (hereinafter called the children) are all arranged as in the far left box. You can always switch them, and, used the Layer Style of the layers, the Layers are labeled on the control version of your chosen sub-key, double-click on the Layer Style layer or layer name tag, you can always open it again continue to modify, I feel it in some editor like 3DMAX modifier stack. This allows you to modify the way time has greatly enhanced efficiency.

Can be made with the Layer Style fairly soft glass button, but it also has a well resolved defects for the sample from I can see outside the edge of the ellipse, there is always a soft halo ring, which is the Bevel and Emboss children produced. If you must remove it, you can control the interface in the Style pop-up options Inner Bevel.
But the effect was far less options I choose Pillow Emboss good. The better remedy is to have the same shape of an object into the hollow of the layer below it to be seen through the hollow part, so that more parts of the edge will be blocked.
Alternatively, you can save the contour of the object pre-select the domain and then transfer the selected domain and anti-election profile of glass material outside deleted. Before doing so, need to first apply a layer over Layer Style combined with an empty layer to remove the layers in the state on the record editing effects.

In the Bevel and Emboss sub-item, Style options for the Pillow Emboss, its effects are plentiful. I will transfer very large Size, which resulted in a transparent outline of the part outside the ring edge, but contour changes within the light becomes softened.

Note that I also selected Contour children, it is necessary, it makes the edge of the three-dimensional effect is more richly varied. If you cancel Contour children, oval buttons high light will fade. I would Depth transferred to 41%, values too high, the button will highlight some very bright, considering that other children will make the back button to increase brightness, so it will not easily transferred to the satisfaction of the high-light, it should be a little lacking in some .

Note I choose Bevel and Emboss interface curve yet? Typically, the increase in three-dimensional boundary change is to choose the more peaceful the diagonal curve, or even diagonal line, then Contour children more choice within the multi-peak curve, so that the edge of the original three-dimensional peace, will once again be given more ups and downs, but a clear effect.
But now I hope that changes in soft, so I choose Bevel and Emboss more changes in the curve, but with the larger value of Size and Soften it soft. Then a peak in the Contour Curve used to enhance a sense of three-dimensional edge of the arc.

Then, with the Inner Glow children, that is, the edge of the internal light effects to enhance the edge of the button changes color.

Mixed Mode Color Dodge, it will affect the original yellow button, the button appears in a circle inside the edge of light. And the lower right corner of a narrow elliptical arc edge of a thin bright line is more obvious, the edge of the glass the reflection of objects tend to have such an effect, so this is what I need.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kaspersky v. Rising 7.45 million claims of unfair competition

Yesterday, Kaspersky Rising prosecution had alleged unfair competition case in the second trial, the former on the latter as much as 7.45 million yuan of the claims put forward a request, both sides have added a new agent of the evidence. However, the parties are "full responsibility to the Law" as an excuse not comment on the day of the trial. Day, the court has not sentenced in court.

Case is the second time trial session at the Tianjin No. 1 Intermediate People's Court. Kaspersky's agent plaintiffs accused Rising companies amounted to 745.2010 million claims, which cost 5.5 million yuan, including return loss, Rising to the business reputation and product reputation Kaspersky clarification and recovery costs 150 million, lawyers, notary fees, etc. 45.2010 million yuan.

Kaspersky agents to submit new evidence that the legitimate Kaspersky Tianjin is a trademark, use of technology and product vendors, service providers, from the goodwill and reputation generated should be protected. Said Kaspersky willing Rising useful in a fair competition environment should not be taken to a malicious speculation. Said, adding that this action is due to Rising lawyers said in a statement released to master a large number of conclusive evidence that Kaspersky "hired guns" attacks Rising, constitutes defamation, and notice offering a reward of evidence, Kaspersky no choice but to prosecute.

The Rising agents claimed that the network has become an industry public relations, and added new evidence that Kaspersky's business reputation and product reputation should belong to Russia, Kaspersky Lab, "Kaspersky" Chinese trademark transfer is accepted in Tianjin, the company should not claim the right to Kaspersky. However, the invisibility of online publishing statements, Rising difficult or almost impossible to submit written evidence to prove slander Rising Kaspersky hired guns.

July 2, 2007, Kaspersky issued a statement, said it was on June 11 Rising to the court of unfair competition. November 29, 2007, the first case hearing, the parties conducted a cross-examination, appeals and other proceedings. However, more evidence, cross examination process is completed, postponed to Dec. 5 hearing again.

Beware of "online games Thieves," "Little Dot" variant

Yesterday, Jiangmin Anti-Virus Center issued a virus warning, said, "online games Thieves" variant acvc and "Little Dot" Trojan variant doj these two will pose a greater threat to computer users. Kingsoft Anti-virus Centre also believes that the recent Trojan extremely active, the user may suffer incalculable losses. But the same day, Analysys International released the third quarter of this year, "quarterly monitoring network security market," have shown, in the layers of early warning, prevention under the many that have active defense technology and security products industry, users do not give clear results.

Including "online game Thief," including a variety of Trojans, usually online banking, payment platforms, online stock trading, online games to steal account password as the main target.

Analysys International believes that the current number of active defense technology, claiming only that the local defense security products, it can not be completely defensive. The mainstream anti-virus software upgrades in a timely manner is an important response to the general security risk approach. Currently, TOPSEC, Cisco, Symantec security vendors in the top three, but only accounted for 25.5% of the market, the overall market is still scattered.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer good companion video offline Download ASUS two routing recommendation (3)

ASUS RT-N13U by Asustek Computer recently launched a new product available offline to download the 11n, which can be downloaded for offline is RT-N13U greatest feature of this product can automatically from Internet automatically HTTP, FTP, BT ( BitTorrent) download such an agreement, PC after the shutdown can also be downloaded. As long as the PC end user instructions issued mandate, we can let automatic download BT file, after the PC or NB will be shut down until the user home from work or class, download the file has been stored in the RT-N13U easy to connect the hard drive .

Only be able to download for offline far as RT-N13U not reflect all the advantages of audio-visual partner, which also can serve as a media server product, the wireless signal coverage range, each NB or PC can be a document on the hard disk random access, so much easier to share happiness. In addition to RT-N13U increase in USB interface to connect printers and other peripherals, in addition to energy conservation as a high-speed wireless routing, but also can be used as print server, and more convenient to meet the office needs.

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